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CANATAL ME Series Dual Circuit systems provide dual cooling configurations for added redundancy, with options of air cooled or water cooled supported by chilled water configuration. The modular and customizable systems are designed with quality and cutting edge technology for precise cooling and humidity control, ensuring reliability and efficiency for 24/7 operation within the highly sensitive environment. The compact, modular floor standing units offers higher cooling capacity at a smaller footprint with much flexibility, with advantages of an intelligent network and variable speed control, for better optimization of air volume and energy efficiency.

CANATAL ME Series is specially developed for precise environmental control applications :

Data Centre/Server Farm

Telecommunications Facilities

Test Labs

Command Centers

Production Facilities

Feature & Benefits
Brushless Backward Curved EC Fan for maintenance free operation
Automatic Variable Speed controls for optimal air volume control
Symmetrical A/V Coil Designs with uniformed air return and low resistance
Electronic Expansion Valves automatically adjust according to heat load requirements
Upthrow or downthrow air configuration. Downthrow underfloor fan for optimized air distribution
Co-WorkTM Dynamic Network for coordinated and backup controls
Intelligent Microprocessor Controller with multiple monitoring functions and BMS connection capabilities
R407C or R410Aenvironmental friendly refrigerant
Modular design and construction enable easy assembly at site
Designed to deliver greater energy efficiency using intelligent multi-functional controller
Ease of maintenance via the front & side panels
Option for DC inverter scroll compressor